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11 Nov 2022

SCIENCE _ Cover picture

Volume 378

Issue 6620

November 2022

Rubber-like printed circuit boards are challenging to realize because circuit lines must be highly conductive, stretchable, and strain insensitive. Researchers have developed a process to assemble two different sizes of liquid metal particles in polymers using acoustic waves. This results in rubber-like printed liquid metal circuit lines for the facile assembly of system-level stretchable electronics. See

Universal assembly of liquid metal particles in polymers enables elastic printed circuit board

Wonbeom Lee, Hyunjun Kim, Inho Kang, Hongjun Park, Jiyoung Jung, Haeseung Lee, Hyunchang Park 

Ji Su Park, Jong Min Yuk, Seunghwa Ryu, Jae-Woong Jeong, Jiheong Kang

Image created by Younghee Lee / CUBE3D Graphic.