Q. What kind of materials are needed to design the cover work?

A: Before designing the cover work, we have to understand the contents that you want to express on the cover.
 See the sketch examples, and send a similar type of sketches.
 The cover is designed based on the sketch that you send.
 Please describe the details about the objects to be expressed graphically.
 Color, texture, transparency, reflectivity, and so on. It will help us to work effectively.

 [Click - Sketch Example]


Q. How to draw a good sketch?

A: From our work experience, artistic quality is much more important than how accurately represent the contents.
 So, draw a sketch containing a figurative, abstractive and artistic image than a direct expression of the research.
 Please do not include arrow, pop-up figure, dotted lines, and step-by-step process depictions.

Q. How long does it take to design the cover work?

A: On average, it takes approximately 2 ~ 3 weeks to create.
 But when you need to submit the cover urgently, we will try to meet the deadline. So let us know the target date.

Q. Where should I send the data?

A: Send the data by email that appears at the bottom of our homepage.
Or you can leave your message using 'contact' menu in website here.

Cost & Payment

Q. How much does the cover work cost?

A: The cover work cost vary depending on some factors like the high techniques necessity and the expected working time. 

After the sketch received, we analyze the amount of the work, and send you the cost estimation.

Q. How does the payment process work?

A: Payment on account / Credit card (Public or Personal)
 we issue an Invoice, statement transactions, quotes, contracts, delivery confirmation, etc.
 We will guide you in detail again at a later customer's e-mail.

Technical Issues

Q. Do you need more materials besides sketch?

A: Please send a TEM or SEM pictures of actual materials for the reference to express realistically.

We will request if necessary.

Q. Need the chemical structure separately?

A: Yes, we need If a structure is to be used. We do not make the structural formula.
 If the cover art requires the structural image, you must provide the structural expressions in the following file format:
-ChemDraw / Chem3D / Vesta / .pdb / .3dm / .wrl / .stl / .dae / .obj

Q. Is the cover artwork protected by copyright?

A: If this question asked from the publisher at the examination stage, you give the answer like this.
“Yes, this picture is an originality image created by a professional designer and is copyright-safe”.